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Dried Noodles Dried Noodles

We manufacture not only wheat flour, but also dried noodles. Traditional Japanese dried noodles have been a major food in Japan for nearly a century. The production process is relatively simple; knead flour with salt water, flatten the dough, cut into strips, then dry overnight to achieve the correct moisture level. Let us introduce some of our major dried noodle products.

Menshichi Hoshi Udon

  • Menshichi Hoshi Udon
  • Menshichi Hoshi Udon:Cooking example
This is the widest and thickest dried noodle among our products. By kneading freshly milled flour we ensure the noodles are also fresh. You can enjoy the true aroma of the wheat.

Sanuki No Yume Hoshi Udon

  • Sanuki No Yume Hoshi Udon
  • Sanuki No Yume Hoshi Udon:Cooking example
Sanuki No Yume is Kagawa’s home grown wheat. This dried noodle is made from 100% flour from Sanuki No Yume wheat.

Tengu Soba

  • Tengu Soba
  • Tengu Soba:Cooking example
This is our buck wheat Soba noodle, consisting of 70% wheat flour and 30% buck wheat flour. The texture of Tengu Soba is so smooth and pleasant that you cannot stop eating.

Sanuki Genmai Udon

  • Sanuki Genmai Udon
  • Sanuki Genmai Udon:Cooking example
This is quite a unique dried noodle, being made from 70% wheat flour and 30% brown rice. The brown rice is roasted and then pulverized, giving the flour a nice flavor of brown rice. Mixing in the roasted brown rice also reduces the cooking time by 20-30%.

How to cook dried noodles

Let us give you some hints on how to cook dried noodles.

  • Fill a large pot with sufficient water (at least 10 times the weight of the noodles).
    When the water starts to boil, add noodles into the boiling water and stir gently.
  • When it reaches to the boiling point again, turn the heat down to the medium setting.
    Keep stirring the noodles gently at times so that they won’t stick together.
  • When the noodles are ready (boiling time is 6 – 15 minutes, depending on the noodle thickness), strain them on a sieve, then rinse with running water until the noodles cool down to the water temperature.
  • Serve with soup broth, green onion, and horseradish.