Kinoshita Flour Mills

Sanuki Udon Sanuki Udon

We are a relatively small flour milling company located in Kagawa prefecture. We specialize in milling flour used to make "Sanuki Udon". Udon Noodle shops are our primary customers and while there are many kinds of Udon noodles, those making Sanuki Udon are our major customers. In the past most of our customers were in Kagawa prefecture. Today, thanks to the technical advances in information communication and transportation, we are pleased to serve more and more customers from prefectures all over Japan. We are currently shipping our flour to roughly 800 customers. In addition to our Japanese customers, we recently began shipping directly to overseas customers in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA, to name a few.

We are not a large scale flour milling company, but we consider this to be our strong point. Our small scale enables us flexibility to offer unique noodle flours, especially for Sanuki Udon. There are an enormous number of Udon shops in Japan, and each shop owner's requirements and demands differ slightly from each other. For example, some shop owners would like to make his Udon chewier, while some others prefer them more elastic. In other words, there are as many challenges and demands as there are owners. We believe the flexibility gained from our smaller operation allows us effectively meet their expectations.

If you have any questions about Sanuki Udon, noodle flour, or business operation of Udon shops, please feel free to ask us. We are happy to help you.

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Company Milestone
  • 1946-

    Torashichi Kinoshita forms Kinoshita Food Corporation, a small flour mill milling domestic wheat and selling flour to Udon shops nearby.

  • 1953-

    Kinoshita Food Corporation adds a dried noodle manufacturing plant.

  • 1964-

    Flour milling increases processing capacity up to 61 tons of wheat per day.

  • In early's 1960 Photo1
  • In early's 1960 Photo2
  • 1977-

    Kinoshita Food Corporation is officially renamed Kinoshita Flour Mills Inc.

  • 1979-

    Flour milling section switches its flour conveying system from conventional elevator system to pneumatic elevator system.

  • 1980-

    Flour milling increases processing capacity up to 116 tons of wheat per day.

  • 1988-

    Dried noodle manufacturing plant increases its capacity up to 3 tons per day.

  • 1991-

    Appoints Keizo Kinoshita as the company president.

  • 1992-

    Starts selling Sanuki Suzuran for Teuchi Udon.

  • 1996-

    Kinoshita Flour Mills turns 50.

  • 2002-

    Starts selling Sanuki Genmai Udon, a dried noodle including 30% ground brown rice.

  • 2002-

    Starts selling Sanuki No Yume (100% made from Kagawa grown wheat) and Sakura Yume 2000 (including 30% from Kagawa grown wheat).

  • 2005-

    Replaces roller mills of reduction section.

  • 2006-

    Replaces roller mills of break section.

  • 2006-

    Kinoshita Flour Mills turns 60.

  • 2010-

    Start selling Brour, bread flour including 6% of coarse bran.

  • 2013-

    Start selling Sanuki Ichibanko, new type of flour for Sanuki Udon.

  • 2013-

    Start selling Brour Fine, bread flour including 6% of fine bran.

  • 2014-

    Acquire process patent of Brour, PAT #5568335.

  • 2015-

    Starts selling Sanuki No Yume Hoshi Udon (100% made of Kagawa grown wheat).

  • 2015-

    Starts selling Brour Whole Wheat, bread flour including 10% of fine bran.

  • 2016-

    Gain ISO 22000 certification, International Food Safety Management System.

  • 2016-

    Kinoshita Flour Mills turns 70.

  • 2019-

    Renew ISO 22000 certification, International Food Safety Management System.

  • 2020-

    Renew ISO 22000:2018 certification, International Food Safety Management System (Sept. 28).

  • 2022-

    Gain FSSC22000 certification, Food Safety System Certification.